Kitchen Tile Options for Your Tiny Home

Creating the ideal look in your tiny home that conveys your style while still being as practical as the tiny home itself can be difficult. You want to make sure that every aspect is practical, easy to maintain and still gives you the function you need. One of the most difficult areas to work with is the kitchen. One way to keep things clean and well protected is to install kitchen tiles. Here are a few kitchen tile options that may be ideal for your tiny home.

Sheet Tile

Copper and aluminium sheet metal tiles are popular with tiny home enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. The sheet style of kitchen tiles means there are no seams for humidity, debris or water to get into. This means you are reducing the chances of the wood and walls of the backsplash, counters and other kitchen areas becoming damaged from wood rot.

Sheet tiles also are easy to install yourself, which is ideal for the tiny home DIY projects so many people take on. It can be placed with some light adhesive and then small nails in the corners and along the length of the sheet tile. This tile can also be used for backsplashes, countertops and for full kitchen wall coverings if you would like.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are an ideal option for someone who has a bit of experience putting in tiles and wants to create their own style. You can use mosaic tiles to create patterns and designs that convey your style and give a finished look to the kitchen area. They are fairly easy to maintain and can be wiped down daily to prevent staining or debris from sitting on the tiles. If one does break, you can easily replace just that section. They do require grout, but you can purchase a grout that is mould resistant and can be cleaned with a form of whitener or bleach.

Recycled Tiles

One aspect of tiny homes is the ability to use recycled materials to help reduce the costs of building the tiny home. This may lead you to look for recycled tiles. Since the area is small, finding recycled kitchen tiles is not too difficult. You can use tiles from old homes, previous remodelling projects or that are in smaller lots at hardware stores. Recycled tiles can be made from virtually any material including plastic, PVC, glass and stone.

By keeping these three kitchen tile options in mind you can find the best one for your tiny home and your style. You need something that can hold up to your lifestyle as well as a tile that is easy to maintain. If you will be travelling often in your tiny home, consider an option that can hold up to weather changes as well as the travelling obstacles you may be facing.

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