Why Homeowners Should Regularly Clean Their Timber Decking

It goes without saying that timber is the most popular choice of decking material in many Australian homes. Timber decking is available in a wide selection of both softwoods and hardwoods, so every homeowner can find a product that suits their home style and budget. As part of basic maintenance, all types of timber decking need to be regularly cleaned.

Homeowners can keep their timber decking squeaky clean by sweeping off any loose dirt and debris with a broom and washing off residual dirt using a garden hose or pressure washer set on a gentle setting and by using appropriate cleaning solutions. But why is it important for homeowners to keep their timber decking clean?

Proper cleaning keeps the wood looking good.

The beauty of timber decking lies in its surface finish. However, the outdoor use of decking makes it more prone to dirt buildup than interior floors. If dust, leaves, twigs, branches, grass clippings, bird droppings and other types of yard waste are not removed, they will tarnish the natural beauty of your timber decking. Regular cleaning helps get rid of these unwanted elements from the surface of your decking, allowing the wood to reveal its lustre and natural contours. This is perhaps the most noticeable benefit of regular cleaning. 

Homeowners should keep in mind that their guests may have to pass through the decking before they can enter the home. Regardless of how well-kept the interior of a home is, it is the exterior space that will give visitors the first impression of the home, so it is best for homeowners to make sure their decking always looks neat and tidy.  

Proper cleaning preserves the wood.

When dirt buildup on timber decking is left unattended, it can result in premature deterioration of the wood material. This is because the buildup can act as an abrasive that may damage the surface finish, exposing the wood to the elements. Regular cleaning reduces the amount of dirt on the surface of timber decking. It also minimises the formation of scratches that may increase the potential for dirt accumulation. Overall, this helps prolong the lifespan of the wood.

To keep timber decks looking good and in pristine condition for longer, homeowners not only have to regularly clean the decks, but will occasionally also have to perform a refinishing job. For best results when refinishing timber decking, it is best to enlist the services of a professional.

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