Achieve the Look of Hardwood (Or Tile) for Less: Alternative Flooring Ideas to Kick Up Your Style

From cork to rubber and other flooring materials, there are worthy alternatives to classic hardwood floors. Whether you're building from scratch or just remodeling an existing space, here are flooring materials you should consider instead of hardwood or tiled floors.

Laminate flooring

Admit it. You are at times dazzled with laminate flooring due to its ability to appear as wood and the extensive array of realistic patterns and designs it offers.

Laminate floors can be made to appear like any flooring material, including ceramic tile and slate. Other than being one of the most affordable flooring options on the market, a laminate floor will end up saving you money since you won't need to replace it for years.

Since not all laminate floors look like wood, you can install laminate floors that mimic ceramic tile or the appearance of slate.

Once you install a laminate floor, you can delight in the promise of a stain-free, fade-resistant and extremely durable surface that doesn't call for special cleaners or special treatments to retain its looks.

Rubber flooring

Although an unusual choice in residential flooring, rubber is becoming a sleek and a smart solution in many homes. Soft, springy and comfortable to stand on, rubber flooring is easy to clean and durable enough to take on the abuse of high-traffic rooms such as an entry, a kitchen, a laundry room and a mudroom.

Available in both tile and sheet formats, rubber flooring adds a hint of an industrial edge with its warm, muted tones. Rubber flooring has a textural surface that reduces slipping hazards from spills, making it highly kitchen- and child-friendly.

You can dye your rubber flooring for a less industrial vibe and match the tones offered by stone tile.

Bamboo flooring     

Bamboo, just like laminate flooring, has many of the properties offered by hardwood floors, especially in regard to appearance, even though it is produced from a type of grass.

Other than being environmentally conscious, bamboo flooring is more moisture resistant and hard-wearing compared to wood. It offers a chic and exotic look without breaking the bank, which makes it a highly appealing flooring alternative for many homeowners.

If you prefer a clean, modern aesthetic to your flooring, bamboo lends itself to your style.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring has a lot going for it. It has a natural springiness that makes it feel very comfortable and it is easy on the eye.

Cork flooring has a retro appeal, and its sustainable nature makes it a design darling in many homes. It has a shock absorbent structure that makes it comfortable, making it ideal for spots such as a kitchen or a home gym.

Cork flooring offers a unique visual texture that's almost similar to wood but with a little twist that creates a liveable sense of flair.

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