How to Dress Up a Plain Tile Floor

Many designs of floor tiles are very attractive on their own, as real stone and ceramic tiles especially will have natural variations in their veining, colour, and tone. Many types of vinyl and laminate tile will also be made with various designs on their front so that they offer an attractive floor and not just a dull, monotone colour. However, the look of tiles themselves may not be enough to add the visual interest you want on your home's flooring, so consider a few ways you might dress up a plain tile floor for something more interesting and unique to you.

Add a border

If you like the look of floor tiles in one solid colour, but don't want a dull and monotonous surface, you might just create a border around the tile floor. Replace rows and columns of tiles that are close to the room's edge with something contrasting, but still complementary, to the main flooring surface. For example, if a room has a slate grey floor tile, create a border with a crisp white tile. If the floor tile is a light brown shade, opt for a rusty red border tile. This will create some interest on the floor without it looking overly busy.

Add wood planks

If your home has timber flooring in a room adjacent to the tiled floor, you might be able to run a few of the same wood planks through the tile floor. Timber slats set at an angle can create a diagonal or diamond design across the front of the tile, and make those floors seem very cohesive and coordinated.

Create a mosaic

A mosaic tiles design typically refers to a random tile pattern, often made with broken pieces of tile in various colours. However, a mosaic can also mean a more structured pattern, using tiles in complementary shades and of the same shape. A mosaic tile floor design might then include one large tan tile, two small blue tiles, then the tan tile, then the blue, and so on. A mosaic design might also create a basket weave effect, with one row of long and narrow tiles set horizontally offset by a row of those same tiles set vertically. Rounded tiles might be used to create the look of flower buds. Talk to your tile installer about creating a mosaic pattern for your tiled floors to keep the surface from looking dull and to ensure you express your own personality in the space.

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