4 Steps to Prep Your Bedroom for Faster Carpet Installation

If you've decided on a contractor to install new carpets in your bedroom, you may consider your job done. But the truth is that you can do a lot more to make the installation process faster and more efficient. These prep steps are easy and don't require any special skills. Follow these steps for faster carpet installation.

Organise Space for the Contractors to Do Their Jobs

The carpet installer may need to use the inside and outside of your home to undertake certain tasks. For example, they will need to cut the carpet to size and place some of their equipment. Make sure you organise this in advance so that you don't end up wasting too much time trying to figure this out when they are already there. Since the carpet installer may also move back and forth, look for a truck parking spot that is easily accessible from your property.

Cover the Other Areas of Your Home with Canvas

When contractors walk in and out of your home with heavy equipment, they may cause damage to the other flooring areas with their footprints, mud, sweat and much more. Heavy carpet installation equipment could end up scratching your floors too. The best thing for you to do is to place canvas cloth on the floors to protect them from any damage. Tape down the canvas cloth so it doesn't end up becoming a slipping hazard.

Clear the Bedroom of Clutter

Since you need to install the carpet along the entire bedroom, you will need to clean it by removing all furniture and clearing the floor space. Similarly, all valuable items like curios, glassware, flower vases and lamps should be removed from the room to prevent any damage to them since the contractors will be moving back and forth during the installation process. An empty room is easier to work with because there are not as many things to navigate through and can speed up the process.

Vacuum The Old Carpet Ahead Of Time

Before removing the existing carpet, vacuum it first to reduce the chance of airborne dust annoying everyone inside the house. Vacuum every area thoroughly so that no dust is coughed up when the old carpet is being ripped out. Don't forget to vacuum the corners, as they tend to be the most neglected areas of the room.

Installing carpets can make the bedroom feel more plush and opulent. Follow these steps to ensure you speed up the process.

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