Do Your Carpets Need Padding?

Carpets are perhaps the most popular flooring option in homes. This flooring solution provides you with enhanced comfort and unparalleled style options. Nonetheless, the top layer of the carpet is not the only crucial element. In fact, much of the deep cushioning that you feel underfoot is attributed to the padding. However, not many homeowners pay attention to the importance of padding because they are unaware of the advantages that it provides them with. This article gives padding its due credit by listing a few of the reasons why it is vital to your carpeting.

Padding prolongs the lifespan of your carpets

The first reason why you should have padding fitted under your carpet is to boost its lifespan. The padding achieves this in a couple of ways. To begin with, once the padding is installed, it is less likely that the backing and binding of the carpet will succumb to the pressure of consistent foot traffic. Secondly, the padding functions to increase airflow in your vacuum. As a result, there is increased suction, and this translates into minimal debris and dirt that would compromise the integrity of your carpet fibres.

Padding boosts the insulation of the carpets

One of the reasons why homeowners will invest in carpets for the different rooms in their home is to ensure that their flooring is warm and comfortable to walk on, especially if your floors are made from ceramic tile. However, if the carpet is not dense enough, then you will not be receiving adequate insulation from it. Padding is a sure fire way of correcting this as it lends the carpet an additional barrier against the cold temperatures. Furthermore, your home remains warm during the winter months since the carpeting will be trapping extra heat too!

Padding helps to secure your carpets

If you have an area rug, chances are you have to straighten it and adjust it back into place on a regular basis since these types of carpets have a proclivity for sliding around. This movement can significantly change the appearance of your home and make the space look untidy. In addition to this, the sliding carpets also become a tripping hazard. Rather than living with the risk of sustaining an injury, you should have padding installed under the carpet. The padding is designed to grip onto your flooring firmly. Thus, your carpet says in position even when enduring high traffic.

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