Your 5 essential steps to a new laminate floor

As a homeowner, your choices of flooring materials are extensive. You can opt for the warm and timeless feel of hardwood floors, or the durability and moisture resistance of concrete flooring. However, few floors tie the benefits of many different materials than laminate. Laminate is not only durable, but it's also flexible, easy to install and cost-effective for the home. 

But how can you begin your journey towards obtaining a new laminate floor? Each contractor you work with will have a different process. Some will visit your home to give you a detailed quote, while others have the necessary tools to estimate the cost remotely. Regardless of the person installing your laminate floors, make sure the following five steps are carried out before you open up your wallet.

1. It starts with a consultation

Every home is different. Some have large, open plans, while others are smaller with more corners. To obtain a laminate floor that works for you, make sure the contractor offers a detailed consultation process. They should take time to understand the nature of your home and what your preferences are. This is also a good time to weed out any contractor who is simply out to make a profit without taking into account your specific needs.

2. Checking out samples

Laminate flooring options are extensive. They can be imprinted to appear like a natural hardwood floor or even customised with a unique design. To help you get started, your contractor should show you samples that are available for use. You should also inquire about additional customisation options and how much more it will cost. Ideally, homeowners are spoilt for choices when it comes to checking out laminate flooring samples.

3. Estimating how much material you may need

After choosing a specific design, the next step is to determine how much material is necessary for installation. This is best done via an in-home visit, where your contractor will measure the area of all rooms that need a new laminate floor. However, a remote estimate can also be carried out if you simply wish to have an idea of how much it will cost.

4. Preparing for installation

With all estimates completed, you can now prepare for the actual installation process. You can save on costs by removing all the furniture from the rooms before your contractor arrives. Laminate floor installation is relatively simple, but you should also inquire about insulation against water damage and cold weather.

5. Checking for quality

After all the panels are in place, the final step is to check the quality of the installation. Ensure that there are no loose edges or exposed subfloors in all the affected rooms.

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